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The Red Data Book
In order to protect and preserve the diversity of plant and animal species in the world, Red Books or Red Lists of Endangered Specie...
New activity sheets for children have been prepared
Continuing our established traditions, we have created new activity sheets for young nature explorers for Easter!
A series of online lectures on protected and endangered species in Latvia will begin
In March and April, a series of online lectures "Protected and Endangered Species in Latvia" will take place on the project's Facebo...
New European Bird Red List published
The European Red List of Birds, published by BirdLife International, shows that 13% of European bird species are endangered. The lis...
The Institute of Biology of the University of Latvia is launching a project on endangered and specially protected species – LIFE FOR SPECIES
In order to inform the general public about the aims, objectives and possible results of the project LIFE FOR SPECIES, on 4 March th...
LIFE FOR SPECIES Project Represented at Researchers' Night
On September 29th, the annual Researchers' Night was held, featuring a range of interactive activities and lectures, including contr...
Nature Experts Complete Training on Moss Identification and Conservation
On May 28th and 29th, a seminar on the identification and protection of mosses was held in Ķemeri National Park, organized by the Na...
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