We are happy to announce that 11th International Conference on Biodiversity Research has been concluded successfully. It was hosted by Daugavpils University and organized by the Institute of Life Sciences and Technologies of Daugavpils University as part of the LIFE FOR SPECIES project. The conference took place in a hybrid format, offering the opportunity to attend it both in person and virtually via Zoom platform. In total, the conference gathered more than 180 participants, 14 of which participated in person, but an impressive number of visitors also participated remotely.

At the end of August, LIFE for Species project team visited several LIFE projects in Sweden to share the experience of the project team, as well as to learn from representatives of the Swedish projects. More information about the visit can be found here.

The XXVI International Congress of Entomology was held in Helsinki (Finland) from July 17 to 22, 2022. The congress was very ambitious - 168 symposia were held within it, while around 2,500 participants from all continents of the world registered to attend it.

Photo credits: Dmitrijs Teļnovs, Panos Fetsis, Rūta Rozenfelde

Photos: Baiba Strode, Ēva Krēsla, Maija Medne, Alberts Kūms

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