Protected species of the month - Bog Beacon

At a time when spring is gradually replaced by summer, let's highlight one of the harbingers of spring - Bog Beacon (Mitrula paludosa). This bright mushroom begins to appear in March, but the best chance to see it is in May and June.

Bog beacon in nature plays the role of a processor - a small fungus feeds on rotting leaves and stems, helping to break them down into a form that other plants can easily use for food.

Map by Jānis Ukass

In Latvia, the fungus is relatively rare and can mostly be found in wet forests, swamps, ditches, stagnant or slow-flowing water on plant remains.

However, when you manage to find the mushroom, it is relatively easy to recognize - the top of its fruiting body is mace-shaped, smooth and yellow. Stem 2-3 cm long and 2-3 mm thick, fragile, white, with a pink tint.

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