Protected species of the month - hen of the woods

Latvian forests are not very generous to mushroom pickers this autumn, however, if you get lucky you might stumble upon the rare but impressive species of this month - hen of the woods (Grifola frondosa).

Hen of the woods can be recognized by its many tongue-shaped caps, which have grown together on a single base. These mushrooms are one of the largest ferns and they can even exceed 60 cm in width. Each of the small mushroom caps varies between 3 - 14 cm. The surface of the mushroom varies between grayish-green and grayish-pink.

The species grow on live or very recently fallen trees. Unfortunately, this fungus can be parasitic and cause damage to the tree it has chosen as its home.

This species is protected and very rare. If you come across this species while going mushroom picking, take a picture and tell us about it! While still young, this mushroom is considered edible (it must be cooked beforehand), however, due to its status, it would be better to leave it in the forest.

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