Protected species of the month - Usnea florida

The species of this month - Usnea florida - is a very rare and protected species of lichen in Latvia, which also serves as a clean air indicator.

Photo: Renāte Kaupuža

The species is found throughout the territory of Latvia, but observations are relatively rare. It is difficult to detect because it grows high in the crown of the tree and is only visible when it falls from the tree branches. However, there is also good news - if the lichen has fallen from the tree crown, it is relatively easy to see and recognize. From the other usnea species found in Latvia, Usnea florida is distinguished by its round fruiting bodies or apothecia. Apothecia develops at the ends of branches, reaching up to 1 cm in diameter.

Photo: Astra Kalve
Map by Jānis Ukass


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