Protected species of November - Heller's Notchwort Liverwort

Although the first snow is already appearing in some places in nature, you can see the diverse world of mosses in the forest all year round. The species of the month honors small but important moss - Heller's Notchwort Liverwort.  

Heller's Notchwort Liverwort Anastrophyllum hellerianum is a small, hard-to-notice moss up to 1 mm in size. It is best seen in nature with a magnifying glass. The shoots are green, but at their ends form wine - red gemmae, which helps to distinguish the moss from other similar species. Heller's Notchwort Liverwort is found in natural, undisturbed forests with coniferous deadwood logs. On the log moss can be found closer to the forest ground, where moisture is retained longer. The survival of the species in the forest requires dead wood in various stages of decomposition.

Heller's wedge is found in Europe and North America. In Latvia, the species is rarely observed throughout the territory. The species is threatened by the clear-cutting of natural, undisturbed forests.

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