Protected species of the month – snail Ena montana

Wet weather attracts various molluscs and snails from hiding places, which slowly glide over tree trunks, crystals, rocks and mosses in the autumn forests. Therefore, in honor of the protected species in September, we introduce the snail Ena montana.

Ena montana is a typical inhabitant of natural forests with little human disturbance. The dark brown shell of the snail is about 15 mm long and 6 mm wide and ovoid shape. In wet weather, Ena montana snails can be seen slowly gliding over tree trunks, deadwood or rocks. In turn, in drought and winter, the small animal takes refuge in a layer of forest litter.

Snail Ena montana is widespread in the broadleaf forests of central Europe. In Latvia, it is rare - mostly in the vicinity of the Gauja National Park, however, there are also a few locations in the north-east, east and central part of Latvia. The snail prefers to inhabit broadleaf forests with high humidity, e.g., forests of slopes, screes and ravines.

The species may be threatened in the future by the loss of suitable habitats. Currently, the world's Ena montana population is considered to be stable.

The species is included in Category 3 of the Latvian Red Data Book, as well as in the list of specially protected species.

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