Seminar on vascular plant species has been held

In mid-July, a successful nature expert seminar on the identification and conservation of endangered vascular plant species was held, organized jointly by the Nature Conservation Agency and Daugavpils University as part of the LIFE for Species project.

Throughout the training, lecturers from the LIFE FOR SPECIES project and Daugavpils University provided theoretical lectures on identifying and conserving rare plant species. They also led practical sessions in the natural habitats of these species and at the Daugavpils University's Study and Research Center in Ilgas.

During the sessions, participants had the opportunity to work with the university herbarium materials, allowing them to learn to recognize over 30 endangered species discussed during the seminar.

Many of the species showcased during the seminar are found only in specific and often remote locations in Latvia. As such, the use of the herbarium in the training provides a unique opportunity to view and study these species collectively.

Jēkabs Dzenis, the coordinator of the LIFE FOR SPECIES project, pointed out: "Improving the skills for identifying endangered and protected species not only enhances the expertise of nature experts but also facilitates obtaining more accurate information about the distribution of these species."

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